Hot Lunch

Some information about how the hot lunch program works at our school:

  • There are 2 locations for lunch. Intermediate kids (Gr 4-7) eat in the gym and primary (Gr K-3) eat in the music room. Lunch is at 12:00.
  • On Tuesdays, the caterer is Calhoun’s.  The menu can be found on the Munchalunch site.
  • On Fridays, there are 2 different alternating weekly menus. Pizza (from Papa John’s) one week and catered hot lunch (from C’est Mon Cafe) the other.

Please consider volunteering – this program cannot run without volunteers each Friday.  Here is an overview of what you can expect at a volunteer shift (from 11:30-12:15 approx.).  If you can volunteer, please send an email to


PRIMARY (Music Room)

***Food needs to be distributed prior to kids entering the lunch room at 12:00***

  • Parent volunteers meet in the activity room at 11:30.
    Each class is assigned a table to eat. Tables are set up by the school engineer.
    Each child that has purchased lunch has a slip of paper with their name and their order. These will be prepared by us and will be in an envelope with their class division on it.
    There may be a class in the activity room during set up time so parents will have to work quietly.
  • First thing that we do is take each Div envelope and place the slips of paper onto the assigned table.  Then we place paper towels as place mats under each slip of paper.

Tasks: (PIZZA DAY)

-Cookies/Cinnamon twists
-Pizza distribution

Tasks: (CATERED HOT LUNCH) C’est Mon Cafe has staff that plates the food and parent volunteers deliver it to the tables.

-Cookies/Cinnamon Twists
-Hot meal distribution
-Fruit/Veggie cups (each meal comes with this)
-Reusable utensils

***Our job is to assist kids that ask for help and help them get seconds on entrees on catered lunch days. (no seconds with pizza, drinks or desserts) Also, we help the kids figure out the garbage and recycling and whatever clean up at the end like helping put the pizza boxes in the green bin outside and putting the pizza bags outside the office.***


  • Kids Gr 4-7 will be given their slips by their teachers.
  • Parent volunteers will be at the gym at 11:45 to prepare and set up. (Some parents will finish in the activity room and then rush off to the gym)

Tasks: (PIZZA DAY)

-Parent volunteers (need 5)
-Tables are set up with drinks/desserts ready. Pizzas are also ready to go by the stage
-Kids approach with their slip, we give them their food and they are off

Tasks: (CATERED LUNCH) – C’est Mon Cafe

-Parent volunteers (need 5)
-Tables are set up with drinks/desserts ready)
-C’est Mon Cafe staff plate the food and parent volunteers deliver them
-Kids approach with their slip, we give them their food