Writer’s Workshop and Bookclub

Christianne’s Lyceum of Literature and Art  is offering a variety of school-year programs for elementary school students

Meant to support the important work that goes on in Vancouver’s classrooms, the Lyceum is a cozy living room, a specialized library, a well-equipped studio and a whimsical art gallery bound up in one. It’s a place that brings together writers, illustrators, educators and families to share diverse ways of making meaning, different schools of thought and the richness of story in its many forms. You can feel confident recommending our programs to:

  • parents looking to spark a life-long love of literature in their children
  • parents looking for extra-curricular support with writing, reading and public speaking for their children
  • parents looking for meaningful visual art experiences for their children

For more information visit www.christianneslyceum.com

Bookclubs Fall 2018

Writers Workshops Fall 2018 brochure