Hot Lunch 2021/2022

The Carnarvon PAC will run Hot Lunch for the 2021/2022 school year. The schedule for Hot Lunch will be Mondays (Cest Mon Café) and Fridays (Calhoun’s Catering). The Hot Lunch Website is now up and running. Our first Hot Lunch will be held on Friday, October 8 with Calhoun’s Catering. Please follow the link to order hot lunch for your student(s): Munchalunch

The special deadline to place an order for Friday, October 8 will be Tuesday, October 5. The deadline moving forward to place an order is one week prior to each Hot Lunch day. Please note that if you have a credit in the Munchalunch system this amount will show in your account. You may wish to place all of your orders up to Winter Break in the system at this time. You can find attached a PDF showing how to order in the Munchalunch system. Please follow the Paypal link to complete payment for your orders as soon as you place them. 

If you have any questions, please email